About Wagyu to Worldwide

Why “Wagyu to Worldwide”?
Wagyu = Japanese beef
Worldwide = deliver the best Japanese quality wagyu to all the travellers around world

Why “Burger”?
Burger = popular food around world, suitable for all the generations

Why “Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo”
Kachidoki is on Oedo Line. Oedo Line is connected Ryogoku (popular for Sumo), Tsukiji Fish Market, Tsukishima (popular for Monjia), Shiodome (on the way to Odaiba, Tokyo Tower), Roppongi Hills (Mori Museum) and so many important sight seeing places that in Tokyo.

Supplier - SUGIMOTO
SUGIMOTO established in 1900, they have been in this wagyu industry for over 200 years.
They always deliver the best quality of Matsusaka Beef, Kuroge wagyu and other different wagyu products.
Their aim is bring WAGYU to all the people around world which as same as Wagyu to Worldwide’s brad objective.